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Birthing of Giants with Lewis Schiff

Welcome to the Birthing of Giant podcast with Lewis Schiff, executive director of Birthing of Giants. After having sold 2 media companies to publicly traded companies, Lewis began interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and shared what he learned in his best-seller, Business Brilliant. Each episode of the Birthing of Giants podcast features an interview with leaders from innovative companies to reveal the most important lessons learned during their ascent to the top.

Apr 17, 2018

When David Long - CEO/founder of MyEmployees and Star Culture - became a fellow at our Birthing of Giants program this spring, he had one new risk on his mind. His company, known primarily for producing employee recognition plaques, had recently expanded to offer engagement survey software. David realized this required a big change to how they sold, but he wasn’t sure what the change should be.

“We wanted to combine [our offerings] because in our minds, they are the exact same thing,” he told me. “But they are done differently. They are sold differently. It’s like oil and water—they’re not mixing. And that has been the frustrating thing. So we’re […] going to split the company into two,” he said.

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