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Birthing of Giants with Lewis Schiff

Welcome to the Birthing of Giant podcast with Lewis Schiff, executive director of Birthing of Giants. After having sold 2 media companies to publicly traded companies, Lewis began interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and shared what he learned in his best-seller, Business Brilliant. Each episode of the Birthing of Giants podcast features an interview with leaders from innovative companies to reveal the most important lessons learned during their ascent to the top.

Jun 6, 2018

Every entrepreneur knows there’s money to be made in solving problems, especially if you find a niche that hasn’t been cornered yet. That’s exactly what Michael Risich did when he founded BOLT ON Technology, a software company that offers cloud-based workflow tools for the automotive repair aftermarket. Far from fixing cars, Michael’s company helps shop owners improve their communications to optimize productivity — all by bringing cutting-edge technology to an industry that was previously lacking it.

Despite many of its customers being small mom-and-pop shops, BOLT ON Technology has experienced enormous growth in the past five years, achieving 4% market penetration and serving customers in every US state, Canada, and South America. But during his time at the Birthing of Giants Fellowship program in April 2017, Michael realized that to sustain this growth, the company would need to pivot its strategy to improve outbound sales. I caught up with Michael recently to find out how he’s implementing this new sales strategy and how emerging technologies continue to shape his business as it scales.

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For more information on the Birthing of Giants Fellowship program, click here to visit the program's website.