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Birthing of Giants with Lewis Schiff

Welcome to the Birthing of Giant podcast with Lewis Schiff, executive director of Birthing of Giants. After having sold 2 media companies to publicly traded companies, Lewis began interviewing some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and shared what he learned in his best-seller, Business Brilliant. Each episode of the Birthing of Giants podcast features an interview with leaders from innovative companies to reveal the most important lessons learned during their ascent to the top.

Jul 11, 2018

Letting go of control is a challenge for every entrepreneur. But as Karen Auster proves, it’s a vital step toward keeping your sanity intact and helping your business to bloom. As founder and CEO of the Auster Agency, an experiential marketing firm, Karen found she was stretching herself too thin, and growing exhausted. In 2017, as her company celebrated its 20th anniversary, she spent a week with us at Duke University as part of the Birthing of Giants fellowship program. She was looking to recharge her batteries, reignite her excitement, and develop her one-year plan.

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